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Choice Start your way on This Monday, July 12 when he faces Guadeloupe at Orlando City Stadium. The team, led by Luis Fernando Suarez, will try to end the bad streak involved and start the match on the right foot.

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Although he will not have his goalkeeper Keeler Nawaz, Costa Rica He wants to put the worst campaign of the Confederations League behind him. DiCos lost third place to Honduras in the penalty shootout and Qatar raised many doubts ahead of the 2022 qualifying rounds, so Gold Cup This would be an excellent thermometer for Suarez and company.

For its part, Guadeloupe In regulation time they drew 1-1 against Guatemala, but in penalties they beat their opponent 10-9. This is the fourth performance of the Quota Boys Gold Cup, For the new Concoff design.

Costa Rica Y Guadeloupe He will form Team C with Suriname and Jamaica and seek to be the regional leader to advance smoothly to the next round. Gold Cup. Before being introduced to the competition, the Tigos were a favorite in their area to achieve their classification.

Confirmed forms of Costa Rica and Guadeloupe

Costa Rica: Morera; Fuller, Waston, Calvo, Motherita; Guzman, Borges; Campbell, Roosevelt, Laciter; Artes.

Guadeloupe: துரம்; Alphonse, Casimir, Baron, Solvet, Europe; Anneros, Saint-Maximine, Malpan; Mirwal, Python.

Against Costa Rica. Guadeloupe: Table to watch the Gold Cup match

Peru, Colombia, Ecuador: 8:00 p.m.

Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay: 9:00 p.m.

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay: 10:00 p.m.

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Spain, Italy, Germany, England: 02:00 (Tuesday, July 13)

Against Costa Rica. Guadeloupe: Channels to watch the Gold Cup match

Competition between Costa Rica Y Guadeloupe It will be broadcast on TUDN, Univision and FOX Sports signals. Additionally, you can follow minute by minute through the El Comorcio website.

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