Poko Juniors rejects racist insult to journalist Pablo Carosa | Colombians abroad

The court was adjourned with five Colombians (Sebastian Villa, Frank Fabra and Jorman Camposano; Rafael Santos Borre and Jorge Carraskal) and one injured (Edwin Cordona) on March 14 in La Pompeoni, Argentina’s Super Classic. It ended in a 1-1 draw.

However, after the meeting, Argentine journalist Pablo Carosa described the Colombians in a disgusting way: “There are a lot of Colombians … Are Colombians cheap enough to look for players in Colombia?… What do they want, to unite a reggaeton band? Stop with the ColombiansThey go to play in Bogot. I have nothing against the Colombians, I congratulate them; I say there are many. “

Following the journalist’s comments, Boca Juniors issued a statement denying the “racist expressions” of the aforementioned, noting that the xeneize club would always open its doors to footballers of different nationalities and especially Colombians; He further added that such comments “only incite hatred and discrimination”.

“Boca Juniors regrets the racist remarks of journalist Pablo Carosa, who criticized the presence of Colombian players at the Argentina Super Classic on the football outsider show last Sunday.

Boca has always kept its doors open to players from all over South America and especially from Colombia, who have left an unforgettable mark on the history of the company, and their examples have opened doors to those who came later. The club prides itself on being a very diverse South American national race with its relics or historical references.

The club reiterates its concern and rejection of statements and behaviors that have nothing to do with the construction of more open and plural football, but only provoke that delay and hatred and discrimination“.

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