Insurgent Haitian police threaten to “burn the country” if gangs do not hand over their comrades’ bodies

A Haitian police rebellion known as Phantom 509 this Tuesday threatened to “burn the country if criminal gangs do not return the bodies of murdered comrades.”

A demonstration by security forces agents took to the streets of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, March 13, demanding the return of the bodies of five comrades killed during an operation against these groups in the village district. D du in southwestern Haiti.

“If they do not give us the bodies of the police, we are going to burn this country. God will ban them if they do not give us the bodies after 24 hours. We will follow them,” police sources warned Digital Media. ‘Hayton Times’.

Phantom 509s were born in the heat of a mobilization of agents for pay raises, economic bonuses and the right to union affiliation. However, they intensified their protests, attacked public institutions and set fire to government vehicles.

In previous demonstrations, the police unit staged violent protests in 2020, demanding a basic salary of 50,000 zucchini (about 530 euros) and a 25,000 debit card (about 270 euros). The government confirms that it has no evidence of this increase.

Police officer Lionel Lazarus has accused one of his superiors of “deliberately” sending his colleagues to the operation.

In addition to the five dead, the bodies were dragged away, injuring eight more officers, and several armored vehicles of officers were stolen.

‘The Highton Times’ has shared a video in which a voice is heard, which belongs to the leader of the band operating in the Village de duo, they identify as ‘Iso’. The registration confirms that the agents received “a funeral”, but their bodies must be retained for “magical reasons”.

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For his part, Haitian President Jovnell Moyes announced via Twitter that the police and military have signed a decree to work together to address and prevent civilian insecurity.

“This mandate enables competent authorities to mobilize any external support necessary to carry out their work,” Moises explained, seeking support from the Organization of American States (OAS).

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