Palestinians fired rockets at Israel amid Jerusalem tensions


Palestinian militants They threw a rocket tonight (Saturday afternoon) Gaza Strip Towards Israel These days are being enjoyed amid the tensions that have occupied East Jerusalem, which escalated last Friday Israeli Police To Esplanade Mosques

“A warning was only implemented in open areas (no population),” The Israeli Army.

In this tense month Ramadan, The Fighters With another day of unrest in Jerusalem, on the night of April 23-24 they increased the firing of missiles that came to pay for 36 rockets.

The shooting took place at dawn today at the entrance to the Damascus Gate, which began Saturday night between Palestinians and Israeli border guards. The old city of East Jerusalem.

Police used stun grenades and rubber balls to disperse groups of Palestinians admitted to eleven hospitals, and 64 people were treated, including a 6-year-old girl. Palestinian Red Crescent.

This coincides with the Night of Destiny (Lailat Qadir) which marks the date of the Muslim holy month Ramadan, When more than 70,000 Muslims They attended a prayer service at the Esplanade of the mosque, which recorded heated arguments this Friday over the intervention. Israeli Police In advance.

According to Policeman This was in response to the riots and provoked heavy clashes with the Palestinians, who threw stones and bare objects and admitted more than 200 Palestinians to the hospital.

Tension lasting for several weeks East Jerusalem Occupied, it spread to other parts of the old city and its environs on Friday.

Today, groups of Palestinians were re-launched Gaza Fire balloons towards Israel and announced that they would continue “operations” on the separation fence.

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Hamas, the leader of the Islamic movement, Ismail Haniye– It really controls that space – Acting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Friday not to “play with fire”.

The European union Y United States Urgently asked to reduce the tensions of the Holy City, which is from the beginning of the Holy Month Ramadan, Which ends on the 12th, lives a dangerous expansion. EFE

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