Did you know this trick to respond to messages on WhatsApp without appearing online?

This trick allows you to respond to messages, but without appearing to be “connected”

If you are one of those people who does not want to be bothered for work reasons or for whatever reason they want, but if you have to receive and respond to messages on WhatsApp, this trick will be useful for you.

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This trick allows you to respond to messages, but does not appear to be connected, i.e.Realism”. With this feature, a person can write what they want without appearing attached or “typing”.

How to do it?

1. Run in airplane mode.

2. Enter the WhatsApp app and respond to the messages you need.

3. When you are done, return to normal by disabling Airplane Mode in the Cellphone Settings section.

New policies

After showing you that little trick, we need to ask if you have already “accepted” the new privacy policy of the messaging app, otherwise, May 15th The platform cannot be used consistently.

As for the app, it is an update for people who share messages with companies on WhatsApp, in order to provide more transparency in the way data collection and usage.

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