Apple is planning a design change on the iPad Pro to integrate MagSafe

According to new reports, Apple may incorporate MagSafe into its own logo on the new 2022 iPad Pro.

Apple’s iPad Pros have always been high quality models within the company’s tablets. For this reason, they try to combine the best features from the brand, which we have been seeing in recent years. Y, Throughout this 2022, everything points out that Apple will be no less in this regard.

Some time ago, we started to see rumors Possibility to integrate MagSafe into the iPod Pro On the back, like the iPhone. This will allow new features such as wireless charging, but will also require a redesign of the product. Y, According to new reports, it looks like Apple will continue to work to launch it this year.

The 2022 iPad Pro will include MagSafe on the back: all we know so far

As we mentioned, step by step 9to5mac shared, Sources close to Apple seem to have said what we are trying to do with the design of the iPod Pro. Current designs do not allow MagSafe or wireless charging due to productsThat’s why it seemed that Apple could create an iPad with a mirror.

iPad Pro 2022: Specifications, design and everything we know

However, considering how weak it is, it seems Apple’s final idea is to enlarge its logo on the back, just like the MacBook Pro, and create the logo with glass. So MagSafe technology is integrated into it. To do this, the iPod Pro attaches very strong magnets and guarantees the connection of accessories.

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What else, The new iPad Pro’s MagSafe will be more powerful, which will allow higher charging speeds. This is logical considering that iPod batteries are much larger than iPhone batteries, and we should add that with the new iPod Pro they will also enhance this feature.

At the same time, The 2022 iPad Pro is also expected to incorporate a slightly more powerful new processor than the current M1 chip., Especially Apple’s new MacBook Air with another processor, probably with the M2 chip. However, it seems Screen size increase Not to come yet this year.

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