“I know nothing!”, Carlos Salsito’s departure Piojo Herrera did not know

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Carlos Salceto That was made public on social websites In view Puebla He will be living at his last meeting Tigers, Though Miguel Herrera, DD of Cats, Ensures that there is no change in your situation.

Lice He asserts that the board did not inform him or that the player did not tell him anything about it, so he pointed out to reporters that he did not know what was being said because he did not check social networks.

“The truth is, no (I know nothing about Salsido), I was focused on the game and watching what we stopped doing,” I’m not a fan of social networking sites, I’ll focus on what we have to do in the competition. “

I do not know what they are talking aboutHonestly, the board is not involved in the locker room, and if anything happens during the week, they get the news, it does not matter to me, I’m worried the team will be revived, ”Helmsman said after the 2-0 defeat to Puebla.

If he was interrogated Will continue to insist on a foreign federal guard, But revealed that the team is complete, although it will be analyzed if there is a chance to bring a reinforcement.

“We’ll talk about it with the team. We’ve not closed because there are two places for foreigners; the team is very good, the team did not lose anyone, so we did not lose. Good day,” he stressed.

Bone analysis …

“At the end of the day, he analyzes goals, a rebound, an own goal, he hits the defense and puts the ball inside; … an accurate player like him Jignok He failed on penalties, we need to recover what we did not start and forget the bad night, nothing more than that, ”he commented.


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