Seco Perez took a consistent 5th place; Hamilton won

Mexico City /

Louis Holmitton Stayed with him Spanish Grand Prix After the relied Red Bull strategy Max Verstappen. Mercedes driver Reached his 98th championship After a race domóó Verstappen, But on the last lap Britain showed its experience to be in first place. The final 12 laps were adequate HaMelton climbed to the top of the stage.

For its part, Sergio Perez gave a great start to the Spanish Grand Prix this Sunday. The race rarely started and The Czechs won two seats Have to stay in more than half the races at the start.

Perez started the eighth position thanks to the assortment on Saturday, but He had no problem getting to sixth place once the engines started. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen took the lead past Lewis Hamilton and gave Red Bull a great start to the race on Spanish soil.

With five in the lap, Feroz put pressure on Daniel Ricciardo, who was close to beating him, however, he failed to reach it and was sixth in the lap 28th, in which he lost two positions to return to eighth, but As soon as he came out of the pits he retrieved them. Of course, the Mexican sacrificed key seconds and marked a greater distance with Ricciardo.

In the middle of the race, Verstappen looked forward to Hamilton at the pit stop and made the best times when he exited, and this helped him to stay in first place while the Mercedes driver prevented him from hitting.

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It was up In the lap 47 Perez was finally able to overtake the Australian Ricciardo, with which he positioned himself on the fifth step. Seko passed his opponent out of Turn 2, thus leaving the worst moment to qualify Shoulder pain It was behind him in eighth place.

Going into the lap, Hamilton remembered that he was currently the best driver, and with speed, closed the gap of seconds with Max. For lap 60, Someone at Mercedes fulfilled the predictions, with which it snatched the first place for him from Red Bull Leaving him in second place were Valteri Botas in third and Charles Leklerk in fourth.

Will be the next stop Monaco on May 23rd, Red Bull will seek to learn from this weekend, and will now develop a better strategy to overtake Mercedes.

Pilots Championship at the moment

  1. Lewis Hamilton (94 points)
  2. Max Verstappen (80)

  3. Voltaire Botas (47)

  4. Lando Norris (41)

  5. Charles Lecklerk (40)

  6. Sergio Perez (32)

Builders Championship

  1. Mercedes 141 points
  2. Red Bull112

  3. McLaren Mercedes65

  4. Ferrari 60

  5. Alpine Renault15

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