(P) 5 recommendations for a professional cleaning of a hotel room

The cleanliness discovered in a hotel room is one of the most important criteria to form a very good opinion about the hotel where tourists stay.

The sanitation of said space must respect a protocol well developed by the hotel management and in accordance with current hygiene standards for hotel units in Romania.

However, when it comes to the actual cleaning of a hotel room, by using trained staff and professional cleaning equipment, you can make a better impression on clients when the following recommendations are followed:

1. Cleanliness in the hotel room: the rule of knocking on the door

Compliance with this recommendation can avoid unpleasant situations for both guests and hotel staff. A series of three knocks on the hotel room door is recommended, each of which is followed by the classic: “Room service!”

It is advisable to leave the door open for the entire cleaning period, especially when hotel guests are still staying.

The reason for the open door is easy to guess and is related to the transparency that the hotel guarantees to customers, in terms of the professionalism of the staff, located in a room that is still occupied, where you can find personal items, valuables, etc. .

2. Cleanliness in the hotel room: Optimal ventilation of the space

Cleaning in the hotel room begins with optimal ventilation of the entire space, followed by refreshing the room with the help of specific cleaning solutions (for example: floor cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc.).

At the same time, the opening of the windows and the sliding of the curtains and curtains is also intended to allow a very good visibility during cleaning, thus allowing maintenance personnel to pay special attention to detail.

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3. Cleanliness in the hotel room: Pay special attention to the bathroom

The cleanliness of the bathrooms is a very important issue for the hotel staff, as it describes an intimate space for clients, with an extremely high level of hygiene.

If there are guest clothes that have not yet checked-out, they will be placed in a space that can allow proper bathroom hygiene. The tiles will be cleaned with a damp sponge so that the ceramic surface does not get scratched.

The bathtub, the mirror under the mirror, the toilet bowl, the sink, the shower cabin (next to its walls) will be cleaned with the help of special anti-lime solutions. It is recommended that the bathroom be the first space to be cleaned, so that stains that may result from drying the respective solutions can be cleaned last.

Both the mirror and its edges can be washed with a special glass cleaner, and at the end of the cleaning in this important space of the hotel room, a professional disinfectant detergent will be used, with a function in the disinfection and perfusion of surfaces.

4. Cleanliness in the hotel room: the problem of dust

When cleaning the dust in the hotel room, the same suggestion is recommended as in the case of the guest clothes that are in the bathroom: it will be placed in a place that allows optimal sanitation of the entire space.

In a first stage, the dust is cleaned with a dry cloth, which allows the removal of particles and other impurities. Secondly, with the help of a cloth previously soaked in a professional solution for cleaning dust surfaces, they will be cleaned one by one: wooden surfaces, handles, window covers, wooden furniture inserts, etc.

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In the case of the carpet in the hotel room, it is better to clean it from dust with a Taski Aero 8 commercial vacuum cleaner. This device offers intelligent functions, folded on the sanitation actions in the residential and transit spaces of hotels and pensions.

Using a Taski Aero 8 professional vacuum cleaner requires maximum efficiency with low noise level. It guarantees a compact and robust design, in accordance with the best operating practices, even in spaces with the smallest surfaces of the hotel room.

5. Cleaning in the hotel room: Change of bedding

Changing bedding is an equally important task in the hotel room cleaning process, the bed being an equally intimate space, the hygiene of which places equally high demands.

Bedding should be clean and smell good. In case of stains or degradation of the material, it is recommended to avoid the use of these products and notify the nearest superior. The arrangement of the bedding should respect a symmetry that is easy to notice and that can give a pleasant impression to the clients.

6. Cleaning in the hotel room: Replacement of consumables

Before leaving the hotel room, consider replacing all consumables, starting with those dedicated to body hygiene, continuing with the depleted stock of products in the minibar, and ending with hotel slippers, towels, and bathrobes.

In this category, the following should be highlighted: the air freshener in the toilet bowl, the guaranteed hygienic strips, the reserves for the dispensers of air freshener solutions, and where appropriate, with swabs, shower masks, silicone sponges, shoes, etc. .


Cleanliness in the hotel room: Conclusions

Cleanliness in the hotel room is a vital criterion for customer loyalty, regardless of the number of stars the location has.

Maintaining a high level of hygiene is easy to achieve, as long as the HoReCa hygiene rules imposed by the authorities and the above advice are followed, while using professional cleaning products.

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