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Oviedo (Spain), Jun 24 (EFE) .- The American immunologist Drew Weissman, one of the six researchers awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research 2021, has indicated today regarding the development of vaccines against covid- 19 for which they have been distinguished that “that’s what science is for.”

In a statement sent by the Foundation that grants the awards, Weissman says he feels “honored” by the award and emphasizes that every day he feels “gratitude” because the work of his laboratory has laid the foundations for the development of vaccines, ” which has been a tool for humanity in a time of great need. ”

“There is a bright future for mRNA vaccines and I am excited to continue working with my colleagues on the ways in which mRNA technology can prevent disease and ultimately help people. That’s what science is for,” he adds. while the Hungarian biologist Katalin Karikó has been “very happy” to receive the Princess of Asturias Award and to share it with her “excellent” scientific colleagues.

Weissman and Karikó have obtained the award together with the German doctors Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci; Canadian biologist Derrick Rossi; the British vaccinologist Sarah Gilbert and the American biochemist Philip Felgner for their contribution to the development of some of the approved vaccines against covid-19, a task carried out in a short period of time that, in the opinion of the jury, is among the most highlights of the history of science.

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According to the court, distinguished scientists have led, with their long careers in basic research, to innovative applications such as obtaining, in an extraordinarily short time, effective vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and are an excellent example of the importance of basic science for the protection of health on a global scale.

The award, which went to the four mathematicians whose research supported the digital age in 2020 – the French Yves Meyer and Emmanuel Candès, the Belgian Ingrid Daubechies and the Australian Terence Tao – is endowed with a sculpture by Joan Miró, a diploma accreditation, a badge and fifty thousand euros and will be delivered in October in a ceremony presided over by the kings of Spain.

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