China threatens US after US military official visits Taiwan

China has threatened the United States with “reasonable reactions” after a senior U.S. military official recently visited Taiwan, which treats Beijing as Chinese territory and Washington maintains unofficial contacts.

According to some sources, Rear Admiral Michael Stuttman, commander of the U.S. Pacific Navy’s intelligence unit, was in Taiwan the next day. The United States has not officially confirmed the visit.

“China will have a formal and necessary reaction when the situation arises,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, adding that Beijing “strongly opposes US-Taiwan relations.”

Taiwan has an independent administration, but Beijing regards the area as Chinese territory. At the same time, the United States is a major arms exporter in Taiwan.

Recently, China has intensified military operations around Taiwan in response to serious ties with the United States.

The White House reiterated its support for Taiwan on Monday.

“I can not imagine anything that would cause more condemnation from the whole world against China if it tried to use force against Taiwan. We are friends with Taipei, and we will continue to be there,” said Robert O’Brien, the US president’s national security adviser.

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