The municipality and health providers launched a joint work space

Within the framework of the activities organized for the 198th anniversary of the founding of Tandil, this Saturday the Municipality and an important group of health workers from the private sector signed an agreement to initiate a process of articulation and development of joint projects, to continue strengthening the integration of systems. One of the first initiatives that will work on the implementation of the Unique Digital Health Record.

The meeting was led by the Mayor Miguel Lunghi, the Chief of Staff, Oscar Teruggi and the President of the Integrated Public Health System, Gastón Morando and was attended by the President of the Honorable Deliberative Council, Juan Pablo Frolik, community officials, councilors and representatives of the institutions that joined.

This Health Network will be a space for dialogue, articulation and public-private cooperation, which will allow to analyze, debate and agree on visions, common objectives and specific projects in the field of health.

At the end of last year, the communal chief met with the authorities of the Integrated Public Health System and representatives of the health care providers in the private sphere, to evaluate the possibility of initiating a process of articulation that would make it possible to develop joint projects between all health institutions. health, which led to the agreement that was signed this Saturday.

From now on, all the parties will form a work team to analyze and determine the needs that the health system of the Tandil Party requires in the medium and long term and begin to outline the first joint actions, among which is the implementation of the Unique Digital Medical Record.

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The minutes were signed by the Municipality, through the Integrated Public Health System, the Tandil Medical Association, the Tandil Anesthesiology Association, the Union Association of Health Professionals, the Tandil Medical Circle, the Tandil Eye Clinic, Diagnostic Doctor Drs. De Martino, the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging, the Tandil Otorhinolaryngological Institute, the Nueva Clínica Chacabuco and the Sanatorio Tandil.

Mayor Lunghi thanked all the institutions that joined the initiative and stressed that “from joint work we will surely achieve important achievements. Last year the pandemic showed that we can work very well in a coordinated and articulated way and that is why we promote this health network in Tandil so that all actors, from the public and private sector, have a dialogue table where we can debate and analyze issues related to the health of our city and consolidate ourselves as a health center in the center of the province ”.

“For that we have to be together, see what issues we have to work on and advance, analyze statistics, and how to optimize resources and improve service for all residents of Tandil. I believe that with will and effort we can move forward and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. This will be a process that will take time, these are not things that can be achieved overnight, but we are beginning that path. We already have an excellent health service, both in the public and private spheres, but if we work together we can improve even more ”, he added.

For his part, the President of the Integrated Health System, Gastón Morando, explained that “as the mayor said, one of the positive externalities left by the pandemic is that there was an enormous articulation between the public health system and the health providers of the private sector and that allowed the health system to function with public and private integration. What arises with this initiative is the idea of ​​formalizing this framework of reciprocal collaboration, articulation and cooperation, so that there is a permanent table where projects of shared interest can be agreed ”.

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“We believe that this is a very important innovation and surely the health of Tandil will go through a horizon of progress in terms of being able to work together on specific projects. The constitution of the table is proposed as a public policy of the State, which does not have to do with a particular government, but transcends the different governments, and that from now on we have a space in which all the voices that are present are present. they are important in terms of health in the territory ”, he added.

He also indicated that “the signing is the beginning of the process and from now on we will begin to work on putting together an agenda of priority projects and initiatives on which to work and with the challenge of filling this agreement with content. He also clarified that the table is open and that surely more actors will join.

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