Their love for science leads them to win an international competition

Driven by their passion for science and with a participation of more than 1,337 high school students from different countries the 16th Tec de Monterrey International Science Contest.

A total of 634 schools from countries like Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru were represented in this virtual competition.

The event is an initiative of the School of Engineering and Sciences of the Monterrey campus and seeks to attract the best talent in Computation, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

Winner of the Mathematics category.

The contest was held in two stages, the first on April 17, from which the top 20 students in each category who went to final last April 24.

    “Science is the language of the universe, and it is through observation, experimentation and measurement that we humans learn and understand our position on this planet”, assured Manuel Zertuche, National Dean of the School of Engineering and Sciences.

    “Our goal is to collaborate with you to develop that ability to observe and experiment, and with that to seek solutions to the many problems that we as a society have in the world”added.

    Ximena Leyva,, winner of the chemistry category, 16th International Science Contest
    Winner of the Chemistry category.

    Redesigned to have a greater reach

    Ricardo Ipiña, professor at the School of Engineering and Sciences, acknowledged that this year the organization of the event took a turn towards digital, which brought great advantages for young people.

    “It is year we reinvent ourselves And that helped us to reach many students who previously did not have the possibility to travel, we usually had 700 registered students, now we had more than a thousand.

    “We are very happy at the EIC because we reached many more students, in future editions we will seek to make a hybrid model of the contest to reach more young people”, He said.

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    Rubén Torres,, winner of the biology category, 16th International Science Contest
    Winner of the Biology category.

    To participate, young people had to have a average equal to or greater than 85 and be under 20 years of age.

    The exams were theoretical and comprised of multiple-choice questions on different topics in each area.

    They have outstanding participation

    Seven PrepaTec students in Monterrey were selected among the first five places of the different categories being Pablo Valeriano Quiroz from PrepaTec Santa Catarina Y Hector David Bahena from Prepa Tec Garza Lagüera the awardees for their performance.

    In addition to Diego Alfonso Villarreal and Humberto Alanís from PrepaTec Cumbres, as well as Abel Arizpe, Diego Alán and Hiram Muñoz Ramírez from PrepaTec Eugenio Garza Sada.

    While at the national level campus students Puebla, Mexico City, Toluca, Cuernavaca and San Luis Potosí from PrepaTec were other winners.

    SalvadorBravo,, winner of the computing category, 16th International Science Contest
    Winner of the Computing category.

    They reward your dedication

    The first five places in the categories Computing, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology were awarded as follows:

    • 1st place: 2 semesters of Traditional Professional in certificates of the Educational Investment Plan (PIE).
    • 2nd place: 1 semester of Traditional Professional in certificates of the Educational Investment Plan (PIE).
    • 3rd place: 10 thousand pesos card on Amazon
    • 4th place: 5,000 peso card on Amazon
    • 5th place: 2 thousand peso card on Amazon
    Tristán Sánchez, winner of the Physics category, 16th International Science Contest
    Winner of the Physics category.

    Jose Carlos Miranda, Dean of the Mexico City Region School of Engineering and Sciences, congratulated the winning students and recognized the importance of continuous improvement in scientific areas.

    “Today is not only the result of being talented students, but of having brought that talent through effort, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice” the Dean acknowledged.

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    1. Pablo Alhui Valeriano Quiroz / PrepaTec Campus Santa Catarina / Nuevo León
    2. Pedro Antonio González Soto / High School 7 Puentes Unit / Nuevo León
    3. Diego Alfonso Villareal Grimaldo / PrepaTec Campus Cumbres / Nuevo León
    4. Juan Carlos Tapia Baeza / Colegio Cozumel / Quintana Roo
    5. Luis Eduardo Martínez Aguirre / Alfa Foundation High School / Nuevo León


    1. Ximena Leyva Peralta / PrepaTec Mexico City / Mexico City
    2. Andrés Rodríguez Sepúlveda / CBTa 90 / Chihuahua
    3. Diego Alan Garza Venegas / PrepaTec Eugenio Garza Sada / Nuevo León
    4. Pablo Josué Peña Molina / Colegio La Salle Benavente Puebla / Puebla
    5. Humberto Gerardo Alanís Galván / PrepaTec Cumbres / Nuevo León


    1. Rubén Eugenio Torres Estrada / Prepa UDEM / Nuevo León
    2. Jessica Martínez Martínez / PrepaTec Toluca / State of Mexico
    3. Jessica Yarhency Cruz Román / PrepaTec Cuernavaca / Morelos
    4. César David Mendoza Rodríguez / Colegio Nuevo Santandert / Tamaulipas
    5. Luis Arturo Ubando Villegas / PrepaTec Toluca / State of Mexico


    1. Salvador Bravo Garnica / Basque University of Quiroga / Michoacán de Ocampo
    2. Héctor David Bahena Garza / PrepaTec Garza Lagüera / Nuevo León
    3. Carlos Armando Ibarrarán Arnal / Mexico University Center / Mexico City
    4. Hiram Maximiliano Muñoz Ram / PrepaTec Eugenio Garza Sada / Nuevo León
    5. Julio Emmanuel Meza Rangel / PrepaTec San Luis Potosí / San Luis Potosí


    1. Tristán Yael Sánchez Correa / CBTis No. 237 / Baja California
    2. Alfonso Castro Camino / PrepaTec Puebla / Puebla
    3. Abel Arizpe Kisfalusi / PrepaTec Eugenio Garza Sada / Nuevo León
    4. Diego Jesús Olguín Zavala / Alfa Foundation High School / Nuevo León
    5. Pedro Gabriel Estrada Gallegos / PrepaTec Mexico City / Mexico City

    With information from Regina López Puerta


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