Eduardo confronts Martha Figueroa, why do you like me?

In one of the latest broadcasts of the show ‘Sorry’ They were one of the most controversial men in the middle of the show as a special guest, Eduardo Janes, Who had the opportunity to face Martha Figueroa: “Tell me one thing, why do you like me?”

The driver immediately responded: “No, I like you very much, I do not like you. God’s command “.

Before saying yes without ‘hairs on the tongue’: “One day I saw you commenting that I was always in a bad mood and one night I saw you again, I told you it was not in the claim: ‘I’m always in a bad mood, you do not know me Why do you say that? ‘

Fikiurova was not immediately silent: “If you had said it in that tone, he would have come to the boss’s house at Christmas with a few shouts, ‘I said:’ Boss, boss, Eduardo Yies wants to kill me ‘, he says:’ Why do you always say I’m in a bad situation? ‘, That is why. Alberto will go and hold my hand like this, I told you that day you have common friends ”.

Apart from this, the presenter of ‘Hoi’ also emphasized it and praised him.

“It seemed unbelievable to me that you were angry. You came as a devil. Pepilo even went there. I gave you a wonderful compliment, and then you got angry because we came from an interview that Aurora Valle gave you. You were very responsive, when I said: ‘ See how beautiful it is to see him in a good mood. ‘

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Despite Martha’s arguments, the soap opera protagonist reiterated that he was always in a good mood.

“Well, I think so. I saw you slap someone with your partner, and they asked me where I was standing, and she (Martha Figueroa) said: ‘Yes always in a bad mood’, I’m always in a good mood”.

Finally Martha reiterated that she did not like Eduardo: “Since then I do not like you, no, everyone who appears on TV likes us. I still told him: ‘We have mutual friends’, he said: ‘What then?’ I’m fine, well, I didn’t say anything. But zero, I do not like you. Thanks to Alberto for taking care of me as Pepillo ran out and abandoned me. ”

Eduardo confronts Martha Figueroa

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