“Soko Tabasquano” loses his life Jorge Alejandro, comedian

“Sema” Fernandez was responsible for confirming this News Announcing that you are your partner Jorge Alejandro “The Soko Tabascuano”, Famous comedianHe lost his life at the age of 67.

With deep sorrow and emotion, with the approval of the family I belong to, I would like to inform his followers and friends that our dear friend Jorge Alejandro El Soko Tabasque, the musical icon of Tabasco, passed away this afternoon. Today “.

“Brother go in peace. God will instruct you to return to him. We will always remind you, you know.” Facebook Of Fernandez.

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During his lifetime, Jorge Alejandro sang Jurassic songs Manuel Larano Arrasola, The first “Soko Tabasquino And Thilo Ledesma, as well as his own musical compositions and modification of his peasant costumes as before.

Pedro Louis Martin Y. Lottie insists comedian has great intelligence Upgrade All a professional and one Artist Hiring value.

Everyone recognized George Alejandro’s first name as “Soko Tabasquino”, which was part of his artistic name.

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Avenida University, Casa Blanca, located on CDMX, is famous for the Krizalwa Room of the XXI Century Funeral Home.

He will be buried in the Sabina neighborhood cemetery at 3 p.m.

Yesterday he made a show in Komalkalko, unfortunately he can not afford it. Be quiet Jorge Alejandro.

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