A macro bottle fills the nesting space of the Vinyet de Tamarit with garbage

According to Mayor Jordi Molinera, many go to this area believing that it is from Altafulla and fleeing the curfew

A macro-bottle that was held in the Vinyet area, on the Tamarit beach in Tarragona, left the space completely full of dirt and plastics last Saturday night. The environmental entity La Sínia denounced the events yesterday, describing the meeting as “shameful and outrageous”, not only because the participants did not bother to collect the remains of bottles and plastic cups, but because it is a natural space, nesting area of ​​the black plover where, precisely the day before, one had nested, which had been observed.

The mayor of Altafulla, Jordi Molinera, says that this weekend is the second bottle to be held in the area, but this time it has been “terrible”. He believes that, quite possibly, people fleeing the curfew of neighboring municipalities have participated, thinking that this beach belongs to Altafulla where, despite having more than 5,000 inhabitants, its accumulated incidence of COVID infections has allowed it to free itself from the time restriction. “At a quarter to twelve we saw that there were a lot of people going to the area. It is a meeting point for the campsites, of the same people from Altafulla, also from Torredembarra. They come to Roca del Gaià and hold out until six in the morning, when the curfew is lifted, and they leave, »explains Molinera.

On Saturday night there were four police officers in Altafulla and, according to Molinera, he notified a couple of Tarragona councilors and the city’s Urban Guard when he saw that all the groups were heading to the same area. According to Molinera, however, those attending the macro-bottle were not dispersed because it was impossible to do so with so few troops in such an open space. «Many people from La Mora or Tamarit call Altafulla when there is a problem. We are used to it and until now we had managed it, but the situation on Saturday was completely out of control. We understand that if someone wants to have a beer, they should do so, but it is necessary to collect everything later and not leave everything as they have left it. It is intolerable. A whole year-round management of the beach so that in two or three weekends they destroy it like this, “concludes Molinera.

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From La Sínia, they showed the images of the remains of garbage, “all stepped on and shit everywhere,” they added on social networks. The Gaià protection entity mentions both the Tarragona and Altafulla City Councils in a claim to maintain protection in this natural space.

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