Unrecognizable! Rafael Amaya reappears on social media and followers promise his face is weird

The Mexican actor caused a great deal of controversy with a video that already has over 199,000 views.

After he experienced the illusion of persecution in the controversial video, actor Rafael Amaya reappeared on social media. Followers promise that his face will be completely different this time around

The actor of “The Lord of the Skies” appeared on Instagram Live with his friend Roberto Tobia, who thanked him for saving his life. In fact, he acknowledged that Roberto not only helped him to connect with people, but also thanked him for “showing his face for his friends.”

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In the clip, which has more than 199,000 breeds, Raphael talks about the new project Gira de los Comrades, which he is working with Roberto. Although they did not give further details, they made it clear that this would be a project that would allow them to stay close to their fans.

Photo: Illustrative and Commercial Image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CNJgInZnn7d/

Photo: Illustrative and Commercial Image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CNJgInZnn7d/

Although the news made his followers very happy, there was one detail that they could not ignore. How different is the face of a Mexican actor. Without hesitation, the public began to speculate.

“It simply came to our notice then. How is it possible that they do not realize it “,” God bless him, but I see him differently “,” He is overweight. Is that so I see it differently too “,” Yes, nose. I do not know what was done, but it does not look like before “, and” his eyes look strange “are some of the more than 4 thousand comments left in the publication.

Raphael did not stop talking about his physique, but instead talked about how much he had learned from his mistakes, and noted that “Lord of the Heavens” was in talks for the eighth season.

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“We are in talks and we are going to see what happens. There are many plans from many sides, but there have been many positive changes in my life. You have to choose them well and think about them with your soul,” he promised.

He is now focused and made it clear that he is very interested in working with friends, family and those who were thick and thin with him.

He also stressed that he had learned a lot from all these experiences. “I learned a lot of things, to get closer to my family, to get closer to God, to get closer to the people who love me, to those who know me, to the Lord of the Skies. Said the actor.

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