Nokia revives its iconic Model 6310 with an expanded, curved and multi-colored display


27 July 2021 20:12 GMT

It is the latest in a line of classic mobiles from the Finnish brand, which has been given a second life.

HMT Global, the owner of the Finnish phone brand Nokia, has released an updated version of the Nokia 6310 that combines the classic look of its twenty-year-old predecessors with a number of design upgrades today.

The mobile has new features like multi color screen 2.8 inches Can be expanded up to 32GB with curved edges, number keyboard, 16MB RAM, 8MB internal memory, microSD memory 0.3 megapixels And WiFi connection.

“Plus a collection of classic things you know and love: Wireless Radio FM, Impressive battery [de 1.150 mAh] It lasts for weeks between refills and don’t forget about the classics Snake“, They point out On the official website.

The new mobile is offered third Colors: Dark green, yellow and black.

The original 6310 was launched in 2001 and is the first Nokia model to be merged. Bluetooth.

According to HMT Global, reviving classic Nokia models is a tradition, re-launching them with some modern functionality such as support for 4G or smartphone features.
The first model 3310, ‘Revived’ in 2017, initially with support for 2G, then updated with 3G and 4G. This is Nokia’s turn in 2018 81104 g, Followed by the sample 2720 ​​flip Next year and new 5310 In 2020. They are the same year Given Updated Nokia 6300 And Nokia 8000.

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