How iPhone 14 Pro photos are getting better for iOS 17

iOS 17 is now available to download for iPhone X and later. (Unsplash)

Updates the operating system iOS 17 It has brought new features and tools iPhoneBut there is no mention that the camera devices are going to have a new option to enhance photos.

iPhone 14 Pro And other older versions are favored by a small change that makes a big difference in captured content, yielding sharper images with greater levels of detail.

Plus, it’s easy to use and requires no additional configuration in the camera app.

First, iPhone 14 Pro Only 48 megapixel photos are allowed with the format ProRAWIt’s a type of file that doesn’t make any changes to the image and saves it exactly as it was taken, which isn’t always useful for all content.

iOS 17 is now available to download for iPhone X and later. (Unsplash)

With the update of the operating system, the possibility of taking photos with the same resolution has been added to the formats. JPG and HEIFThis drastically improves the quality of images at the highest resolution a cell phone allows.

Let’s find the option by going to Settings > Camera > Formats Resolution control and ProRAW, where you can take advantage of this change. When you select High Performance Capture mode, the content is saved in HEIF format, so the image is 5 MB of storage, when you select Compatible mode, JPEG is saved and its size is 10 MB. .

By choosing the 48 megapixel mode, we will not only take photos with more details, but we will take advantage of the full size of the lens, and this translates into a significant improvement over what these cell phones could do before. iOS 16.

iOS 17 is now available to download for iPhone X and later. (Xataka)

At Xataka they compared what they represented this change, and if you look at the image on the right, it’s clear that the improvement is reflected in “better control of highlights, higher levels of detail and better color interpretation”.

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Additionally, they highlight that you can get more out of a new activity if you take cuts or enlarge the content. Manjana Noise reduction is included for better handling.

Apple has not provided a list of devices that will benefit from this change, but some users on social networks have claimed that other cameras have seen a significant improvement.

For example, the Iam_tech account, which publishes Apple-related content, has shared images taken with the iPhone 13 Pro in which HDR has been enhanced, creating quality content without the need for editing. Wherever there was sky or natural light, the burning effect occurred.

iOS 17 is now available to download for iPhone X and later.

With the introduction of a new operating system called Manjana, iOS 17, the company’s cell phones will have access to new functions that improve the user experience. However, these new features may not be available for all devices, as some of them may no longer be compatible with this or future versions of the device. Software.

The main reason is that some cell phones are not compatible with the new version iOS In order for all functions provided by the system to be implemented, you must at least, A12 bionic chip or later. By the way, samples iPhone 8 And this iPhone X They will not be updated.

The following are the Apple cell phones that can download the new version of the operating system:

– iPhone XR

– iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 (Regular, Pro and Pro Max)

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iPhone 12 (Regular, Mini, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 13 (Regular, Mini, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 14 (Regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 15 (Regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone SE (Second and Third Generation)

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