Written by Marca Claro, vs. Mexico. South Africa Live Online TV via Claro Sports for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Live Transmission and Description for the Team Stage | Minute by minute | Mexico

Today it is impossible to lose, Against. Face Live | வாழ்க | Online | TV | Free for the third day of the group stage of the Olympics . The meeting will take place on Wednesday 28 July from 6:30 am (Peruvian and Mexican time) at the Sapporo Dome Stadium. Follow MINUTE BY MINUTE on’s website .

At the same time, in Yokohama, France, I prayed in Los Angeles-194, Japan put together another high-voltage game that could affect the future of the Mexican people.

For now, missing a date, Japan are leading by six points (+2), with 1-0 against South Africa and 2-1 against Mexico, who are three points behind the table with a goal difference of +2 above France, but the same number of points -2 difference.

Vs. Mexico. South Africa: Match time

06:30 pm – Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico

07:30 pm – Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay

08:30 pm – Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil

Thursday 01:30 pm – Spain, Germany, Italy, France

South Africa, which has been plagued by some of the events of the Covid-19 in the team’s few days before the start of July 22, closes, with few chances to be one of the top two qualifiers without units, with a French fall in goals and Yokohama depending on the success of the two.

Jaime Lozano’s team started the match with a 4-1 victory over France, one of the contenders for the medal Brazil won in Rio-2016.

However, the Japanese reduced the spirits of the Tri Olympic to a clear and reasonable victory, which they never saw affected beyond the narrow difference of the final score (2-1).

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The 23-year-old from South Africa played men’s football simultaneously at Sydney-2000, and to this day they have not been able to leave the group stage alive. He has to beat Mexico by at least two goals, while at the same time it looks like he will have a hard time achieving it this time around as France will have to lose.

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