The reform of Avenida de Navarra: more space for pedestrians and less for traffic | Radio Zaragoza

The first phase from renovation of the Navarra avenue in Zaragoza will be finished around the spring 2023, an action that includes the section between Avenida de Madrid and Paseo de Calanda.

The project expands space for pedestrians, will reduce the lanes, it will hide the garbage containers and will shift loading and unloading to perpendicular streets. Of National road to avenue shared between traffic and pedestrians or a wooded walk, as the mayor, Jorge Azcón.

The reform project for Avenida de Navarra aims to erase the trace of having been a state road Yes obsolete and for that the city council will reduce one lane per direction and will expand the space for pedestrians.

The head of the Ecociudad works unit, Inmaculada Subiri, notes that “reduce considerably the space dedicated to traffic and the space currently occupied by the median would go to lane – bike, segregated from the rest of the traffic, with a width of just over 4 meters “.

Between the sidewalk and the road appears a space of more than 5 and a half meters for multiple neighborhood use, with more presence of vegetation, nail 80 species of trees, to beautify, oxygenate and reduce visual pollution, “using the vegetation in singular points, like the waste collection areas, that at the moment are part of the landscape without any type of treatment or concealment and that disfigure the urban scene, “he continues.

Inmaculada Subiri has also explained that the cycle paths there’s a connect with the avenue of Madrid, they will give continuity provisionally until the Calanda walk and also to the roundabout on Calle Rioja.

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The parking areas disappear and also those of loading and unloading, that “they are going to move to the surrounding areas and we have worked with Mobility so that these reserves [de espacio] they move to the perpendicular streets and that they can continue to provide service to local businesses. “

When the works are carried out, they will begin on the exit side of the city, with the new supply and sanitation system and they will take advantage of the other road to reorder the traffic that prevents this action.

The city council will approve the project now and submit it to public information, so that the processing culminate in first quarter of 2022 with the start of some works that will last just over a year and what will it cost slightly less than 5 million euros.

In addition, this action in its first phase will suppose the renewal of all supply and sanitation network.

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