Nintendo Switch adds three new Super Nintendo games online on July 28, 2021

Nintendo Switch Online adds three new Super Nintendo titles for this month. On July 28th, some well-known projects will be added to the list of portable consoles.

Nintendo Switch OnlineThe company’s hybrid console’s paid subscription service allows users to play multiplayer titles online and access a series of special features.

Is one of the most important SNES Virtual Console, Adds new games to its list from time to time. On this occasion, Nintendo added three new titles to the site of the nineties. The video summary can be found here.

Clemates, Jelly Boy and Snakebull will be coming to Nintendo Switch online on July 28th.. These are not the most notable games on the console, but these additions add two platform experiences and a puzzle title.

  • Clay: We will take on the role of Clayton, the son of Professor Putty. With a mechanic we can turn into clay, this game invites you to jump, swim, climb and attack in different ways and in different scenes.
  • Jelly Boy: Originally exclusively published in Europe, this site controls a living candy who has to escape from a candy factory. Solving the odd puzzle and acquiring mapping, it will be time to escape from the candy.
  • Snakebite: In the combination of Tunnel and Bomberman, this puzzle title proposes to detonate a series of bombs in strategically designed scenes and to escape the explosions of them all.

With players screaming for other topics from the Super Nintendo list, it looks like there will be no more games available for the NES this month. However, These three topics are not the only ones related to Switch Online.

That service has reported it There will be a free trial week in Switzerland for its subscribers among us. A few weeks ago, Nintendo commented that it was working to increase the appeal of Switch Online.

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