Diego Lines responds to the glowing and public shout with Gua ’10 ‘

For the first few minutes it was a simple one Viewer Of the proposed ping pong competition in Mexico and France.

Each time his teammates were looking for him Sky Balls In which he has little chance of competing because his marker is at least 30 centimeters high.

Was Isolated Sticking to the right with a changed profile, Coles got a bad start and he took a ball and put up an amazing goal pass Alexis Vega, Was very close with the first goal of the match.

A simple act filled Diego Linz with confidence, he was invited more than the Flash in the national team’s Olympic debut with the ’10 ‘on his back.

He then appeared with his best qualities, and in vain he planted two French towers and entered the area and headed towards the center. Henry Martin, Who was inches away from the finish.

The call began to show ‘Factor Lines’ And filling it was decisive. Again one Face, On two occasions he avoided the same rival, and placed his right, with his less skilled foot 1-0 for Vega, Who was right this time and opened the Mexico score.

In the Aztec victory, not only did the Bedouin footballer shine, he undoubtedly set a new record, now a Capital level, He is called to sanctify Is large Stories. Talent And more than.

It’s not a secret since the distant retirement Guhtamok White, Mexico has no number ‘10‘Manipulating the team’s strings, telling them how and when to commit a crime, and Diego has definite arguments to be that man. In this exam Sub-24 And key.

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The kid who ran without a break crashed against the rivals and decided badly 8 out of 10 opportunities have already matured. Today Linus chooses better and better. He knows when to pause, when to go from foot to foot, and above all, when the party needs it. Courage.

It was 0-0 against France at the start of the second half Determinant Identify what L Tri wants Paste first It can happen to him to take advantage of, or from many other circumstances, dominate, not to mention, and then see himself as a disadvantage.

Carlos Candle It’s a simple one To expand In the national team ‘10‘On his back, because he never believed or was committed to the scale that demanded his ability.

Linus already understood that Public outcry You have to pick one Great post Like many left on the El Drive the day before yesterday with Cotamok Blanco. From the beginning, the Olympics ‘favorite’ France, Diego Lighting Upon waking up ‘Zoropado‘.

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