They found a strange object sticking out of a rock on Mars: what is it?

Drill into the ground of Mars with the rover of diligence. Photo: NASA

The rover ‘s mission to Mars’ perseverance left one of NASA’s highlights of the week, because on a rock on the surface of Mars you can find a small and bright object that attracts attention.

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Curiosity arose among the followers of this voyage that the official Twitter account of NASA’s diligent Mars Rover has explained the origin of this mysterious object.

A total of 10 drills were taken to Mars for the mission: “Most are for collecting samples; Others, like this, are for polishing rocks (polishing the outer surface). All this is necessary to find the scientific clues hidden in the rocks, ”they wrote in a tweet.

To close the drill and keep the interior safe, the small object you see on the surface was installed before the drill bit was launched. “To keep my science clean and clear, I set it aside before I start collecting samples with new, flawless bits,” the description of diligence continues.

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