This is how Alexa Together, a geriatric care service

Alexa together. (Photo:

Amazon Has officially launched its new subscription service Alexa together, Which serves families including the elderly. Whether the old man lives alone or not; If the family member needs immediate assistance, this assistant will attach a list of activities that will control their oversight and regulate certain activities.

Alexa Care Hub This is the first example of Amazon trying to turn devices into tools for geriatric health. Now, with this new service, They are expanding the emergency number, fall intervention and remote assistance to manage the configuration of elderly devices.

How Alexa Together Works

Alexa Together Expands the Care Hub Feature Set:

– Access to a line Emergency assistance.

– Response Functions Fall detection.

– Remote assistance option that allows family members If you are older, manage the settings on your home device.

– Evidence of activity for family members Let your loved one know when you are active: Discuss Alexa Or other smart home devices or notify when there is a delay in this normal operation.

Features are designed for use in a subscription consensus environment, and both parties must complete the registration process together to enable these features. First introduced at the company’s fall 2021 event, this feature expands the existing Amazon Alexa Care Hub product and This includes a subscription service of USD $ 19.99 per month or USD $ 199 per year.

How Alexa Together Works.  (Photo:
How Alexa Together Works. (Photo:

Once configured, the system allows seniors to tell “Alexa, ask for help” If they need to look urgently. A trained officer at the other end of the line can send a police, fire department or ambulance to your location, preferably with some home security systems. However, Alexa Together can work with system services Third party assistance technology (ATS) and devices வய்யார் Find out if a customer needs emergency fall assistance and find out if it helps move the owner.

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Wire care Is a wall-mounted drop sensor ADS Sky Angelcare This is a fall detection medal worn around the neck by older customers. Both are fall detectors, but the latter will work if the customer presses the help button on their pendant.

Wire technology.  (Photo: AJN News Agency)
Wire technology. (Photo: AJN News Agency)

The Remote Assistance feature allows the family member to manage various settings on the old member’s device. This includes the system Add contacts for reminders, calls and messages, add and tag shopping list items or link to music services.

Functional feed sends alerts to family members Let them know that their old loved one has started this day You get your first contact with Alexa or smart home devices.

It will also send an alert if there is no action, Which means a family member can contact their loved one to make sure everything is OK.

Alexa together.  (Photo: Amazon Science)
Alexa together. (Photo: Amazon Science)

The idea for the future

According to Amazon Alexa will change Together’s abilities so that she can provide access to multiple caregivers, including family, friends and neighbors. Also, beyond all the benefits it can bring, Amazon’s strategy is to focus on subscription services.

Consumption growth will no longer be directed towards a segment of the young population, but the so-called silver generation. In other words, the products and technologies are aimed at people over the age of 50, so the aim is to provide user-friendly equipment to sectors that are not digitally native.

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