Netflix’s twisted little gem that ‘dark’ lovers can’t miss

More from Equinox (courtesy of Dine Horton, Netflix)

Finding an unreleased series in the endless sea of ​​streaming sites can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many offers and so little time available to us, it can be tiring to search and decide on a new story to try out. However, beyond the weekly premieres, there are series that are quickly forgotten or overshadowed by current events… but they don’t deserve it. It might as well be Uttarayan, A series Netflix Released at the end of 2020 It has the ability to grip you from start to finish and I personally describe it Eligible heir Darkness.

Namely, the successful German series “The Strange things For adults” in 2017, I will tell them that Uttarayanam It will be the little sister of the amazing series by Baran Bo Oder and Jantje Fries. Darkness After three seasons, it ended in 2020. At the end of the same year left us stunned, confused and applauded from home, Netflix The other race that took us in surprised us From the fictional town of Vinton to the Danish countryside to explore another tale of disappearances and mystery in cycles.

The confluence of science fiction and thriller can sometimes be as confusing as the stories are captivating. Without a doubt, Darkness It is the most exciting layer that has followed for a long time, however Uttarayanam It looks less twisted and complicated, playing in the same genre leagues.

More from Equinox (courtesy of Dine Horton, Netflix)

More from Equinox (courtesy of Dine Horton, Netflix)

Uttarayanam It has a six-episode season and is based on a podcast of the same name about the mysterious disappearance of twenty recently graduated students. In the story, young people are traveling in a bus (or kombi) to celebrate the end of the year, when suddenly, they disappear without a trace, except for three people who do not understand what is happening. One of the missing girls is the protagonist’s sister, Astrid, a young woman who suffers from premonitions and is charged with the task of finding her sister from a young age.

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20 years have passed since the horrific incident when Astrid received a call from one of the three survivors, and her paranoia and need to search have arisen. Cult confronts the unexpected reality of co-existing parallel universes and more.

When the story runs on its own without the need for comparisons, Uttarayanam Can attract lovers Darkness By sharing many similarities. For example, its entire storyline is complicated by similar themes of characters disappearing, parallel universes, the supernatural, and popular cycles. darkness, Some scenes leave us with a certain déjà vu as we head into the cold Nordic forests, with gray skies and characters who barely wear makeup, conveying that inherent naturalness. Nordic noir.

But above all, the biggest attraction is the supernatural and mystery that are its strongest assets combined with the same cosmic stories with strange secrets, characters that create a constant tension that spreads with the most obvious acting instead of resorting to exoticism. effects or embellishments.

I must emphasize the comparison with Darkness It is very technical. In short, they are two different series and Uttarayanam the beginning. In fact, rumors of a second season have been circulating since the premiere in 2020, although there is still no official information to confirm the continuation. Anyway, good point Uttarayanam It works without the need for continuity or continuity. If they do, that would be welcome, but those six episodes will work as one series.

Darkness It’s a series with a very elaborate, complex and difficult argumentative production, and it’s almost a miracle that its creators managed to pull it off. That is why, Uttarayanam Will be a younger sister or a distant relative. It lives in the same universe as the genre, but it’s not on the same level as its story base. For this reason it becomes a guaranteed recommendation because It’s not an easy series, and it has its twisty corners, making it a more interesting race as it goes along, as it has threads that are easy to put together. More commercial. Highly recommended even for non finishers Darkness Or haven’t even started in this convoluted thriller.

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This article was written by Cine54 exclusively for Yahoo en Español.

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