A huge call to defense for Argentine science

Led by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmos, a massive rally in defense of Argentine science took place this afternoon at the Scientific-Technological Pole. It was attended by officials from the scientific file, researchers from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), workers, workers and members of the national scientific and technological system.

Under the motto “Science is not expensive, ignorance is expensive,” said Nobel Laureate Bernardo Houssay, founder of CONICET, the scientific community confirmed the achievements and stressed that the existence of a system of science and technology is a force that allows the country to make sovereign decisions.

In his speech, Minister Filmos said: “The Argentine people know that science and knowledge are the key to building a more equal country, a more just country, a country based on its best, which is quality researchers.”

Filmos continued: “We want to tell you that we are not here to defend scientists, we are here to defend Argentina. Because we are confident that science is necessary to build a country with more development and justice.” He concluded, “We will not allow the Argentine flag to be attacked. The flag has no nationality, but researchers do, and we are proud that they are committed to continuing to defend Argentine sovereignty through science and technology,” Hosay said.

CONICET President, Anna Franchi, detailed developments, investigations and various achievements from different scientific disciplines and in different parts of the country, their importance as well as the necessary and key synergies in the expression between the public and private sectors. And he highlighted: “We defend science and technology, their development, because we understand that it means defending building a more just, free and sovereign country. All countries in the world that are considered advanced are those that invest the most in developing their sciences and technologies.

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He concluded, “For science in the service of the state, we will not allow CONICET to be privatized or closed down. It is not amenable to privatization, they say, the organization will be closed down. So most scientists will go to other countries. Shall we do like other times? Give them a ticket from Ezeiza.” And export it without getting pesos to highly qualified people trained in our universities? Science and technology are sovereign, and no developed country can afford a country that does not invest in science and technology.”

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