Millionaire scam in Camaguey by paying for electricity

Photo: Rodoldo Blanco Cui/ACN

The money recovered thanks to the detection of 746 electrical fraud cases in the province of Camaguey after inspections carried out between January and July of this year amounted to more than 11 million 227 thousand pesos.

Juan Carlos Lacaba Joffre, Director of the Integrated Customer Service Center for the Basic Business Unit, affiliated with the Electricity Company in that area, confirmed that the permanent magnet placement on the meters represents the most prevalent manifestation of violators in the residential area, in agreement with a report Cuban News Agency (ACN).

The official said inspectors have an app on their mobile phones that is capable of detecting, even from several meters away, when another device has been placed on the meter. “Even 20 days after removing the magnet, a specialist can detect electrical fraud,” he said.

In these cases, it is required that the energy meter be removed and taken to the district laboratory, where the appropriate analysis is carried out, the information specifies.

If fraud is proven, a fine of between 500 and 1500 CUP is applied and a fee is charged, which consists of the average real consumption for the last year and then this amount is charged to the offending user.

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The media explains that when a person is a repeat offender of this type of violation, the entity has the right to file a complaint with the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the director, in order to reduce fraud, a control measures plan has been designed for the population and the non-residential sector that includes day and night visits by inspectors to homes, as well as to state centers to supervise the use of non-essential production equipment.

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