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“For the wrong urgency”. This well-known proverb summarizes a humorous situation This causes a stir What Guitarist of a group In A house in the south had an accident in the middle of the birthday serenade Santa Cruz.

In pictures, shared March 28 In By the side , You can see musicians singing songs’Those from below‘From Also, when they were recorded by the public who attended, one of them fell into the pool. “We Mariacs are quiet. Always viral”, Which reads in the description of hilarious reality.

George Louis Sandoval, The voice of the group, raised first It has spread like wildfire Social media Also, he explained that everything happened when he retreated while singing and that his partner, to give him space, had finished swimming the guitar and everything. Fortunately, no bumps or scraps, just a fear.

Precisely that day they had many duties and they say they started, so they had to find a new case for the guitarist Louis Tobias Let’s continue with his round serenades. “We already had a waterfall or an accident, but it was the first pool”, Revealed the singer in a statement to the Bolivian news portal .

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