National rallies will now be a space for education and reflection

The authorities want the rallies to take place with a new educational focus on democracy and history.

Authorities from the Ministry of Education (Seduc) affirmed yesterday that the aim of the national holidays, now called “Civil Renewal Feasts” by the government, will be to educate and convey a historical message about the formation of the state.

Seduc Minister, Daniel Sponda, noted that “we must respect certain expressions such as those that have long been expressed by workers, in protest, of their struggle for our independence. In this context and in this context, we want to reaffirm our commitment to education to rebuild the nation.”

“The conditions of the country must change and independence must not be just a party on the calendar, it must live the principles of democracy, equality, fraternity, break the old schemes that have given birth to social inequality in our country, and those are the civic celebrations that we promote,” Sponda noted.

training event

The official noted that national holidays “should always represent an academic and training space, and it shouldn’t have been a specific theme for September 15th, when people were excited for the national parade.”

Sponda added that “the entire civil month should represent an academic space for reflection, where we Hondurans see our entire journey since our independence, the extension in which it was implicitly made to the Mexican Iturbide Empire and on these holidays, in particular, we reflect on what the founding fathers and mothers of the country did.” (Saudi Arabia)

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