Shakira would have revealed Clara Sia Marty’s photos, and Bigway would have retaliated

Singer Shakira faces a difficult moment after PQ’s new partner’s face is leaked.

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Singer Shakira The football player’s life definitely went to another plane Gerard PQ, And for a few days only a few pictures have been leaked where he and that can be seen Clara Chia Marty Last week the magazine ‘Hello!’ She shared some photos showing the newlyweds at a wedding.

Milan and Sasha’s father think they know the man’s name has revealed the identity of his new partner, as it is none other than ColombianJournalist Jordi Martin made it known that since the break-up scandal started, he has been very attentive to all the events between them.

However, the FC Barcelona defender will not be upset by what is happening and is still in the eye of the hurricane, having been criticized by thousands of people for not keeping up with the mother of his two children. Presumably now I will think about the possibilities of revenge.

“Gerard Piqué spends afternoons with his new girlfriend at his parents’ house, where he joins Shakira. It completely destroys her. The footballer doesn’t care that the singer can see them together. The relationship between PQ and Shakira goes through its worst moment. Now, PK wants to take revenge on Shakira. And he’s getting that revenge,” he noted.

The football player’s parents will openly accept this new relationship of their son With Chia Marti, and according to some local media, all of them are said to have shared on several occasions, the interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ without taking into account the years he has lasted.

To this day the Colombian remains responsible for his childrenAnd because of how the situation continues, the legal issue could end up being more complicated for the children’s father because their custody is still undefined.

For now, he continues to look for them in the mother’s house until the experts in the matter come to a decision that suits both of them.

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