Andrea Nolly celebrates her daughter’s XV year with an incredible feast | Photo

Andrea Nolly and her family celebrated Valentina’s XV over the weekend. The news broke that the actress was thankful for sharing a photo on her social networks, where she sent a congratulatory message to her little girl and showed up a bit at the party they organized for the daughter she hosted with George Salinas. He still did not recognize her.

The release shows a mother and daughter wearing evening wear and hugging with a big smile; In addition to appearing above the family name The balloons are numbered “Nolly” and “15”. According to the release, the event took place in Guerrero.

The message of the protagonist “Ende Olivos” on his official Instagram account was short but full of love, which was repeated in the series comments of the mother series celebrities and friends. “Happy 15 My dear Valentina. I am so proud to think of you! I love you @ valentina.nolii ”.

Except for this photo, Nolly shares a photo of her 15-year-old girl appearing with her friends in her stories; This photo was uploaded by Valentina’s friend Sofia Islas. In this postcard they all appear with smiles and evening or cocktail dresses, this set was similar to Andrea’s, with the background of the balloons and the phrase “15 Noli”.

Controversial comment

Amid congratulations to Valentina on Andrea’s release, a comment was discovered that sparked controversy among the actress ’followers. Adriana Cattano, who also had a daughter with George Salinas, recalls that the actor has not yet identified Valentina.

Kadano’s message was affectionate to Valentina I wish you a happy birthday and many blessings to both of you, Let’s see if there is any problem between them; Still, controversy awaited the actress’ fans.

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