MP: “Noivas’ ideas had no unique forms,” ​​the official website shows 14

Pro-government MP Elisa Rosales believes that carrying the singular forms is a practice of “traditional parties”, while her party entered the practice with the nomination of the sole proxy and for the various municipal councils.

The representative of Nuevas Ideas maintains that the introduction of individual forms in political party elections is a tradition of the “traditional parties”; However, his party presented one candidacy for the presidency (Nayeb Bukele) and various lists for municipal councils.

“We are not and do not have the practices of traditional political parties, all they have done is present a single list of deputies, mayors and associates who have no other options,” Rosales said in an interview with the Punto de Vista program.

In the 2024 internal presidential election, the only profiles are those of incumbent leaders Neb Bukele and Felix Ulloa, even though the constitution prohibits re-election of the president in six of its articles.

Likewise, the Political Parties Law prohibits the aforementioned institutions from promoting the re-election of the President.
In the case of the forms for municipal councils, there were a series of unique profiles according to the results page shared by the party.

Santa Ana Norte, Sonsonate Centro, Chalatenango Centro, La Libertad Este, La Libertad Sur, San Salvador Centro, San Salvador Sur, La Paz Este, Cabañas Este, San Vicente Norte, San Vicente Sur, San Miguel Norte and Morazán Norte; Sheets were unique.

Thus, some well-known party officials such as Representative Marcela Balbina Pineda and Minister of Housing Michel Sol, were the only candidates for their respective countries, La Paz Este and La Libertad Este, respectively.

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Participation by Nuevas Ideas affiliates appears to have been low, based on the most recent affiliate count of 500,000, according to the official Nuevas Ideas page.

Last Sunday, the 9th, which was the internal election of the Celestial Party, there were 44,398 votes for Bukele’s formula, which would only indicate 8.88% support for the incumbent leaders.

can read: Only 8.8% of Nuevas Ideas affiliates would have voted for Bukele

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Of the 60 submitted candidates who are seeking a mandate, 17 are proprietary (representing 28.33%) and 43 are proprietary (47.66%).

And in the case of candidates for deputies, there is a greater participation of women at 45% (27 positions) and 55% of men (33).

Combining the owners’ and alternates’ nominations, we have 76 men (63.33%) in contention, while women will take part in 36.66% (44).

is reading: Only 28.33% of the Nuevas Ideas deputies’ candidates are women

advanced campaign

Representative Elisa Rosales was one of many members of the Ideata Nuevas party who produced partisan content other than what was required by law to promote her candidacy for re-election as a deputy to the Legislative Assembly.

As part of the MP’s campaign, ads were pushed to the social network Facebook so that her post would appear on more profiles.

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