“It doesn’t look like it”: Itati shares photos in Cantoral bathing suit and is criticized for excessive filters

Undoubtedly, she is one of the celebrities who creates a buzz on social media due to her beauty and looks Itadi Kontoral, He proves this by himself Swimwear Elegant and flirty Imposing styleHowever, on this occasion his followers He was heavily criticized for sharing A series Photographs On his official Instagram account With too many filtersok “It’s not like that,” they confirm..

Itatí Cantoral shines in an elegant swimsuit

That’s in snapshots hymn A few days ago was published on the Meta site, in which he also gave the details of his new project, you can check him out She flaunts her slim figure in a swimsuit In black, this sophisticated piece with a drop neckline and sheer straps is perfect for women over 40 who want to look elegant and flirty on beach days.

Itati holds fashion classes with her swimwear. Photo: IG @itatic_oficial

“Part of that world” (Part of that world) is the phrase that accompanied the actress and singer, who turned 48 on May 13. Postcards where you can see him from the beach, the sea in the background; A post that managed to grab the attention of his followers and netizens Over 24 thousand “likes” and over 450 commentsHowever, most of the news was negative.

They criticize Itatí Cantoral for excessive filters

The actress is very active on her social networks, esp instagramThis includes her 2.9 million followers with whom she shares visible snapshots. He wears very elegant clothesFrom elegant evening dresses, casual dresses and swimwear, you can too Showing off her slim and curvaceous figureWhat’s more in this case His appearance attracted attention.

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Her fans assure her that she “went through the filters”. Photo: IG @itatic_oficial

The Fans Singer and actress started against With messages like: “You are so beautiful! But those photos are not you .. this version is not necessary, this is not necessary. Don’t let them”, “Very filter hahaha not like that“, “but I’m using the Itatí filter wrong, it looks like another girl’s mask”, “had to look up the name to know who it is and Doble… so many filters”, “It looks different with a lot of filter“, “excessive editing”, “A thousand filters will take away your natural beauty” and “I thought it was a tbt and it was just filters”, among others.

The Followers of Itatí Cantoral Agreed That she was a very beautiful woman, and that No need for much editing To show her beauty. Although they have messages supporting her, generally Fans criticized him for excessive filtersfrom addition Make sure it’s not “like that”.They say she looks very young, almost like a teenager.

This is how it looked on Instagram. Photo: IG @itatic_oficial

Daughter of Roberto CantoralOne of Mexico’s most popular musical actresses, the actress began her career in telenovelas at a very young age, and that was her role. Soraya Montenegro in the melodrama “Maria, La del Barrio”.Played by Talia Consolidated as one of the most talented celebritiesAnd this made him popular among the new generation as his performance made him a pop culture icon.

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