A $180 million fight that’s just as exciting today as it was then

This week the 10th anniversary of one of the best science fiction films of recent years was celebrated: pacific rimMexican director Guillermo del Toro. And yes, the movie is still funny today.

The story focuses on Raleigh Pickett (Charlie Hunnam)Giant co-pilot wicks Known as Jaegers, they each have cool names like Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha, or Striker Eureka. After his brother was killed in battle against A.A KaijuRaleigh retires until he can be recruited again by Marshall Sticker Pentecost (Idris Elba).

Raleigh’s skills are needed to take on bigger, more sinister monsters with Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi). Humanity must prepare for the final battle against kaijuswhich is skyscrapers high, and Rally Pickett must bring it back again.

The $180 million budget is noticed every second, and watching the massive, heavy machines slowly march through the classic sets of giant monster movies. Battles with gigantic creatures are also a visual spectacleEspecially since the viewer can always feel the weight of both monsters.

probably Pacific Rim’s only complaint is that it’s over two hours and eleven minutes long. However, the cinematic world becomes tangible and vivid due to so many very interesting characters that it is difficult to blame Guillermo del Toro for this decision.

To go over what needs to be said about Pacific Rim, mention one of the best heroic speeches in movie history (even compared to… independence day). Idris Elba can make anyone fight monsters from hell with this speech:

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pacific rim It has a rating of 65 on Metacritic and 72 on RottenTomatoes…well below what it really deserves.

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