Ricky Martin sends a strong message to those who stop following him on social media

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin After posting a photo with her husband Jawan Joseph, she dedicated a space on her social networks to respond to those who decided to stop following her on social media.

But he raises a flag over the message, indicating that they are no longer worried about him.

Pause … Today I want to talk to you from the most vulnerable page … A week ago, I uploaded some photos with my husband for a special edition of the magazine @ cap74024. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride. What I did not expect was that a lot of people decided to stop following us or comment in a disgusting way, especially after all the work that has been done over the years. Of course, it was not the number of people who followed me, but the news behind his decision that made me feel the same way I did many years ago before publicly sharing my sexual orientation. The same fear paralyzed me, tormented me, and let me not be. Today I look at the photos and I think it was complete silence to be able to celebrate my family the way they want to, in style. Regardless of what they say, they should celebrate me as they are. That fear that I have just spoken of does not paralyze me, on the contrary, it gives me more strength and motivates me to continue to work for the well-being of the millions of people who suffer every day for not accepting. I love this life so much that we can all feel free, proud of ourselves, happy, loved, respected and accepted. We can express how we are born without retaliation or punishment. It is not fair to continue to lose precious lives due to prejudice and lack of education. For everyone who thinks they are lost or underestimated for who they are, they are not alone, there is a large community waiting with open arms. They are worth a lot, please do not forget. #Bright #pridemonthThe publication reads that it has reached thousands of “likes” in a matter of minutes.

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