The US Senate confirms the appointment of Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State

The US Senate confirmed this afternoon, Tuesday, the appointment of Anthony Blinken as the US secretary of state, reported.

Anthony Blinken, nominated by President Joseph Biden for the Secretary of State, received 78 votes in favor and 22 against in the US Senate.

Anthony Blinken, who has been a longtime advisor to Joseph Biden, said during the hearings that the United States would strengthen international alliances and assume a global leadership role by confronting China, Russia and other authoritarian countries.

“We will work together at the government level and with partners around the world, to revitalize American diplomacy to meet the most pressing contemporary challenges. We will be present again whenever and wherever there are concerns about the safety and well-being of Americans.

America, at its best, still has greater capabilities than any other nation to mobilize others for the greater good. We will participate in the world, not in the configuration it will be, but in the formation it has today. A world of rising nationalism, deteriorating democracy, increasing rivalries with China, Russia and other authoritarian countries, increasing threats to a stable and open international order, and a technological revolution reshaping every aspect of our lives, especially in the field of cybernetics, Blinken said last week in a speech prepared for hearings. Senate.

“We need to start approaching China from a position of strength, not weakness,” he said.

Anthony Blinken was Deputy National Security Adviser and Deputy Secretary of State during the Barack Obama administration. For more than 15 years, he was an advisor to Joe Biden when he was on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

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