Seven in Trial in Chicago: The Octopus of Abuse

The next day we released an analysis of the Variety release, the result of which is that Netflix may benefit from several Oscar nominations for Best Picture in the next edition of Gala. Chicago’s Test of “Service Suspects” 7 / Seven in Chicago, which was released on Netflix a month ago. We bring it back to the forefront with this chronology.

Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, the film explores a month-long investigation that began in September 1969. Eight Vietnamese war activists came to Chicago to protest a major event, the Democratic Conference. This is the politics that caught the attention of the American press. During the peaceful protests, the arguments between the protesters and the police became increasingly bloody, and the opposition leaders were charged with aggravated assault on a number of charges, including conspiracy against the state.

We say The Trial of the Seven is a must-see film in Chicago because this court play shows very well what happens when politicians, magistrates and police officers see who they are working for. Recent images from Chicago and Romania, especially from August 10, 2018. When looking at some of the archival images used by Aaron Sorkin to give credibility to his reinterpretation of events, the Romanian viewer can see a significant similarity between the two situations.

From a comfortable distance of five decades, we may wonder how the US government can place so many sticks in the wake of the peaceful struggles against the Vietnam War. But when this war was seen as an example of American influence in the world, in which the United States pumped billions of dollars and millions of soldiers into a massive propaganda machine designed to celebrate the questionable heroism of the sacrifice, it became clear why such resistance might be inconvenient for the authorities. But what happened next is more than an ideological conflict: the state turns against the citizen, abusing after the abuse.

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Despite some flaws in the film and accusations that he allowed too much artistic freedom in embracing the events that actually took place, Sorkin manages to create an environment that is relevant not only to that era, but to the present. Dry and efficient, the trial of seven people in Chicago becomes an X-ray of abuse, and the X-ray makes everything clear as we become more familiar with the outcome of the war and its unfortunate consequences. Sorkin’s screenplay does not do justice to all defendants, not only because Tom Hayden (Eddie Redmain) and Abby Hoffman (Sachs Baron Cohen) play the lion’s role in the adaptation, but their spirit and rationality become the chorus of dreamers, peace and common sense.

This process is not only about freedom of expression and civilization, but also about the wonderful influence of the Front. When leaders lose touch with the will of the people (in this case 2.7 million Americans were snatched from their homes and nearly a million Vietnamese were sent to fight in a war that claimed their lives), the people must force the leaders out of them The thin air-filled bubble of power brings them to reality …

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