More trips to the postseason without winning the title

With him 2021 World Series Win, Braves finished a historical series. They have gone 16 times in a row in the postseason without winning a title before this season, two more than any other team in history. That means they went 16 times in October without winning the 1995 title. That series will continue until someone wins it, but luckily for Atlanta it’s over.

However, the funny thing about the chain is that it shows that even these periods can end very long. This is not a series like the one that ended recently, which means there is a lot of confidence on the horizon for the three teams with the longest active chains before the start of the 2022 season.

Streaks should end, and many more recently

Since the 2016 season, three long chains of teams that came to the postseason without a title are now over. In 2016, the Cubs completed one of the 14 appearances that began in 1910 in October, and they moved on to the postseason for the first time since their prestigious World Series title in 1908.

Then, in 2020, he picked up a string of 13 post-season appearances when the Dodgers won the Fall Classic. The series began in 1995, their first playoff appearance since they were crowned in 1988, and continued until 2019, shortly before the 2020 victory. The Dodgers’ streak was the third longest in history, only behind the braves and cubs mentioned above.

The Athlete and Defender each have 13 lines of appearance, paired with the Dodgers, which ended in 2020, the third longest of all time, at least for now. The As were launched in the late 1990s after winning the 1989 World Series. And began in Cleveland in 1954 after qualifying in 1948. It is good to note that the Indians have had a very long severe drought for many years without qualifying for this seasonal trip.

The Yankees are among the other 10 clubs with at least 10 post-season appearances without a title. The Bombers won their last hoop in 2009, and it was the last second decade without a club title. The first decade, along with the 10s and 80s of the last century, was not even LA Bennett at that time.

No one would say the Yankees are the team that wants the title, with those 27, this is more than enough for any owner. But the truth is, the other two clubs are only active in post-season appearances without a title, which makes it clear to us how often they come in October.

But the beauty of the game, especially baseball, is that every chain has to be broken. The recent experiences of the Braves, Dodgers and Cubs will give hope to Cleveland, athletics and Yankees fans heading into the 2022 season.

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