F-100 Eliminator, Ford’s electric race inspired by the 1978 F-100

Ford Has revealed one New electric van It sounds like a dream of a retro future. This is about F-100 Eliminator, One of those vehicles is not even driving and is already causing a stir.

Ford F-100 Eliminator. / Photo: Thanks Ford.

Based on the 1978 Ford F-100 pickup, The The F-100 Eluminator electric all-wheel drive produces 480 horsepower And features Ford Performance Parts’ Eliminator electric box motor. Unexpectedly, For now it is only a concept vehicleSo rushing to your local Ford dealer will not disappoint you. However, the F-100 Eliminator is a great example of how electric vehicle aesthetics can be pushed forward or technically rejected.

“Our F-100 Eliminator Concept is a preview of how we support our traditional vehicles, as customers fully accept power and emission-free performance,” he said. Eric Ginn, Global director of Ford’s vehicle customization and parts and licensing.

The F-100 Eliminator can use a glowing paint job – the gray color is a bit dull. But The real attraction here is engaging in the style of the 70s without breaking the ozone layer Will create a new hole each time it is run.

Ford F-100 Eliminator
Ford F-100 Eliminator. / Photo: Thanks Ford.

Your vintage car has an illuminator motor

If you have dynamics and a gift $ 3,900 To save, You can buy an Eliminator motor to electrify your own classic vehicle. But, if you want a retro aesthetic reproduction with a new electric heart from the production line, you should be eagerly waiting for now.

Ford F-100 Eliminator
Ford F-100 Eliminator. / Photo: Thanks Ford.

Electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than previous gas-coolers, but their general future aesthetics do not appeal to everyone. We hope that the Ford F-100 Eliminator will help expand our vision of what electric vehicles will look like and encourage everyone to stay away from petrol.


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