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The La Tree coach hoped to add spectators to the points lost at home against Peru and Chile.

Gustavo Albaro, technical director of the Ecuadorian football team, Consider this The defeat against Venezuela is a consequence of complicating the tricolor In their preferences for staying in qualified positions Qatar 2022 World Cup. Similarly, he confirmed that there was no such failure plan as today due to the points lost locally against Peru (defeat) and Chile (tie).

Unfortunately, our failures in defense and attack lost us getting a good result. This is a decision that complicates us, which is why these points we do not take here should be taken as an observer because we have lost local points against Peru and Chile.”, Mentioned about the coach at a press conference.

“Even if we win in Bolivia, we have to leave points to recover what we didn’t take from home,” he added.

Regarding the change in the plan to measure Vinodino in relation to Bolivia last Thursday, Albero promised that “they are different parties.”

“They have different parties, different things and different attitudes. There are physical issues that need to be weighed. Enner (Valencia) came out with a contract at Attorney, so that bodily costs. What we did against Bolivia was not for this game“, He analyzed.

As for whether he would have preferred to take care of players with yellow cards for next Thursday’s match against Colombia, the former technical director of Boca Juniors rejected it as he did not start offense with Valencia and Estrada and promised it was a physical problem. Valencia in the connector.

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“At one point I (Valencia) ask, he tells me his addict is loaded, so I decide to make the change. We had Brian Anglo’s entry, so we played with two 9s. If we had used both games (Valencia and Estrada) they would not have been physically whole for the game against Colombia, which I understand would be a physical game.“, He pointed out.

Albaro reiterated that “errors prevented him from adding the required points” while waiting for him to “provide physical support to support all three games”.

Continuing to deepen my position in court is to insult Gustavo (Albaro)

Angel Mena regretted the defeat against the Venezuelan national team because his idea was to take three points and, if not, “continue adding”.. However, decay and errors affected the national team.

We lost balance in the final minutes of the first half. An unfortunate game in the second half cost us too. This is a key aspect of the game, they had some circumstances, we created and did not change, ”the Leon de Mexico player told a post-match press conference.

This decision plunges us into sorrow, adding to the good and we leave empty-handed. We need to keep more minutes in the game so we can get better results, ”he added.

In his understanding of the playing field with Gonzalo Plato, there are similarities with him based on his location on the field, with Mena coach trying to adapt to the activities he is asked to do.

“We try to engage with Plato in the things that Gustavo (Albaro) asks of us. Today there were sometimes good relations, we need to understand each other more and get to know each other when matches take place. Others for the benefit of the national team,” he revealed.

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Finally, he did not want to explore his position in the sport because he felt he had no respect for the Argentine coach.

Continuing to deepen my position on the court is an insult to Gustavo (Albaro). I had to be in different positions, I do it with pleasure, where I will play as long as it is for the good of my country“, Sentence. (D)

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