Sales Space, a new venue in the capital with 2,000m2

It has just opened in Madrid on Calle Alcalá 182 (5 minutes from the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas) where the old Harley was, with an independent entrance, not at street level, and the possibility of housing vehicles inside thanks to its accesses by ramp. It has two floors each of 1,000m2 with several different rooms and a set. It has already hosted events for GHD, AstraZeneca, Bristol Meyers Squibb, KIA or Intel. We tell you exactly what their rooms are and what they offer.

From industrial style (a trend in recent years in venues for events) has just opened on Calle Alcalá 182 with a separate entrance, not at street level. Its accesses by ramp inherited, according to what they tell us, from a past as a concessionaire, allow today that It can accommodate several vehicles on both floors and that loading and unloading is independent in each one.

“It consists of 2 completely differentiated floors of 1,000 m2, each with 2 plenary rooms of 300 m2 and 11 subcommittees of different sizes, all with natural light and 5-meter ceilings, open spaces and with a multitude of possibilities for assemblies and scenographies ”, they explain to us from Espacio Ventas.

We also find a backstage area, a VIP room, rest area and reception hall, toilets and kitchen area for catering. As well as the installation of a streaming broadcast set (for virtual or face-to-face events with broadcasting) and a parking lot with 12 spaces.

In addition to renting the space, they have production equipment and technical equipment for the event. They assure us that they can be in charge of setting up scenographies and that they have agreements with providers of catering services, security, auxiliary personnel… They also make available a special catalog of furniture and props. As well as audiovisual packages, depending on the needs of the event, which go as far as videomapping, holography or augmented reality.

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