Canelo Alvarez holds the Guinness World Record for being next to his 6 boxing brothers

Courage, effort and dedication run in the family. Soul Alvarez Paragon Boxing arose from the chest of a family that ran through his veins: Seven boys and they are all glove lovers; That’s the story Canello, A Mexican boxer who is on a journey to carve his name in the history of the boxing world.

Seven descendants devoted themselves to boxing, the older ones paving the way for the rest to follow, but Ricoberto “The Spanish” Alvarez, Never imagined that the youngest would reach unimaginable levels in the family Alvarez Paragon.

The message was a Boxing family Among the humble Juancatlan, Jalisco, Immediately caught the attention of a local businessman, who had the idea Combine all seven brothers together in one process, Which was crystallized on June 28, 2008 and resulted in very few imagining: Guinness World Record for most siblings fighting in a single role.

There was a billboard that night Ricoberto “Spanish”, Daniel “The Count”, Ricardo “Dynamite”, Gonzalo “The Lion”, Victor “The Modern”, Ramon “Innocent” Y “El Canelo” in “; Not all of them came out raising their fists in that process, but the doer is considered the best pound in the world today.

What happened to the Canelo Alvarez brothers?

He entered after that night Guinness Book of Records Each of them should have a professional fight, Ricoperto Until the boxing world continued In 2010 he was crowned Super Welderweight World Champion, Later withdrawn; Daniel Y Gonzalo Their acquaintance and farewell; Ricardo He has not fought since 2014 Victor He had two more fights, but to no avail.

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For its part, Ramon “Innocent” He is still active, in fact he has competition with one of his sons Julio Caesar Chavez, This is how it is Umar, With whom See you again on June 19th, In any process Boxer Caesar bids farewell In exhibition competitions Jalisco Stadium.

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