Mónica García criticizes that when the Community “has had to choose between science and politics, it has chosen politics”

In an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, García has defended that what the pandemic was about was “not to collapse the health system”, something that has happened in the form of hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths, that it has caused “an excess of mortality that should have been saved”.

The More Madrid candidate has joined the “bad health data” with the fact that “there have not been good economic data either, with an increase in unemployment of 20 percent in the Community when the average in Spain was 11 while in the growth is in the average ».

“We have sacrificed health for an economic miracle that we have not seen. We have seen his ‘miracle’ in the ICUs, which have been collapsed since the beginning of the pandemic, ”the anesthetist also launched on October 12.

He argues that with three progressive formations the unit «does not divide, it multiplies»

The More Madrid candidate for the regional elections on May 4, Mónica García, has argued that with three progressive formations running for office, unity “is not divided, it multiplies.”

In an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, García has remarked that “the polls support this strategy” of the three candidacies “with the same objective, that (the president of the Community and candidate for re-election by the PP, Isabel Díaz) Ayuso pack your bags at Puerta del Sol ».

The More Madrid candidate has insisted that three progressive formations are “capable of gathering more votes.” And all in a context in which the polls show that Más Madrid “goes up a little more” in each one of them. “We are the ones who are pushing the block. We are all fundamental and we are better able to encompass more electorate, “he said.

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