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The page crashed due to the number of people who registered to enjoy the show.


Singer Mark Anthony, of Puerto Rican descent, apologized for the technical failure this Sunday, blocking a virtual concert announced on the digital stage Saturday night.

The virtual concert, “Una Noch” or “1 Night Only”, aired from Miami (USA), is scheduled to be hosted on the website.

However, Anthony said in a statement posted on his social media this Sunday morning that the page had collapsed due to the number of people who had registered to enjoy the show.

“I’m so sorry for the failure of this technology. It’s completely out of my control. You can be sure that I will not relax. We will do everything we can to give everyone who bought tickets with so much effort a chance to see the concert soon. They should enjoy it,” he explained.

Anthony is expected to perform his numerous hits, and Puerto Rican regatta artist Daddy Yankee is expected to sing the song “De Vulda Pa ‘La Vulda” together as a guest artist. Radio.

The song marked the first collaboration between these two Puerto Rican translators.

The song was written by Daddy Yankee, Mark Anthony and Edgar Pereira and produced by multi-Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican musician Sergio Jorge.

“De Wol Ba La La Wool” began several days after Daddy Yankee delivered the first installment of his historic series “Con Calma Paul Chloe” on December 5 in Colcio de Puerto Rico. From 29, 2019, 12 dates are fully sold out. (I)

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