Ramon Albergerki: “Abinadar is not the only one who wants a presidential candidate

Ramon Alburger, the former chairman of the Senate and executive chairman of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), has revealed that he can put forward his candidacy for the presidency of the organization.

Albuquerque, one of the founders of PRM, said that the television program “La Hora 22” aired on Delaradio America (DRA) and was considering submitting a nomination for the presidency of that political organization.

In the same interview, he rejected the re-election movements of government departments, saying that President Louis Abinader had “not the only one” who had the right to re-nominate himself as a presidential candidate.

Pure Theater “

Alberg, who described President Abinader’s public letter to President Jose Ignacio Paliza, who did not allow him to speak about the presidential re-election just months after the current government was formed, described it as “pure theater.”

“In that letter you believe that the police, some people who are together … a minister will not speak if they do not give approval, but who are they going to leave with that theater,” the former legislator said.

Moreover, he urged government officials to spend more time solving the country’s serious problems than devoting themselves to diverting time and resources.

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