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“Sometimes, when we start a reading workshop, we ask about their reasons for getting involved and the idea arises of sharing, commenting, and comparing other vital, historical or cultural experiences that help us understand the complexity of the world,” Conchi points out. Aguero, a teacher at the El Campello reading club.

As it is known, the libraries develop great cultural activity, both for children and adults, and organize all kinds of events in their classrooms to promote the traditional local culture. Within these library activities, the Reading Club is framed, a space for the exchange of impressions, feelings or reflections that literature conveys to us. In the case of the municipality of El Campello, the Reading Club was created by the Ministry of Culture in 2015, and since then, a very small reading group has been formed, eager to open up to all types of reading.

In the Reading Club of El Campello, they also organize visits to writers who answer questions from the audience.

“The lending of books has produced a fruitful tale. Although forming a reading club was among the plans, the start was hastened by Rafael Altamira Municipal Library user who was on loan to another club she was involved in. Conchi Aguero explains that librarians’ curiosity about the type and frequency of books accelerated their creation.

At the moment, the club consists of about 50 people. With this activity, the transformation of the work into multiple stories is discovered, as far as the number of readers, because any book that goes through the experience and imagination of the reader becomes a different and unique story. “You have to keep in mind that people of diverse backgrounds live together in El Campello. With such a disparate set of origins, the forms of reception are equally diverse, resulting in very lively gatherings around the problems or puzzles posed by reading. Of course, it is enriching. very,” highlights the reading club teacher.

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The main activity is to read the proposed book and then comment on it, but they also organize visits from different writers.

Diversity of activities

The main activity of the club is to read the proposed book for comment on the corresponding day, one per month. But they also organize visits for writers and writers who answer questions from the audience. “On days when we visit the authors, the visit is open to people who, although not affiliated with the club, are interested in literature or the specific activity of the invited character,” Aguero says.

Last year there was little activity due to the pandemic, but nevertheless, they visited Coralia Rodríguez and on December 14, Raquel López concluded the year with traditional narrations. “In November of the same year, we dedicated a session to Remy Martinez, one of the club’s first students who passed away in September. It was endearing, emotional and even fun work.”

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