It was an unimaginable day when Don Ramone and Luis Miguel starred together

Raman Valdez, a Mexican actor and comedian, is remembered for playing the character Mr. Raman In the comedy seriesThe Chao of 8”. Valdez starred in more than 50 films with his brother Tin Don, Pedro Infante and Cantinflas; Although some imagine it to be the same Luis Miguel who came to act with him. The 1940s and 1950s represented the golden age of Mexican cinema, a period of excellence in the country’s cinematography that, however, did not benefit Valdés much. Apart from his foray into movies, he also led a career in simple commerce.

Thus, Karisa is the translator Mr. Raman Played with great stars, although not much known that he also worked with Luis Miguel. The singer and music producer is considered one of Latin America’s biggest and most successful artists for his wide range of musical styles. The artist has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

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