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This Tuesday, Modern, a US biotechnology company, announced that its vaccine against covid-19 would protect against variants of the disease.

According to the agency ‘EFE’, the biological produced “neutralizing activity against variants of the coronavirus.”

The findings are the product of a laboratory study conducted by the company.

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According to a statement from Moderna, “the vaccine produced antibody titers against all variants tested “in vitro”including beta, identified in South Africa; the delta, identified in India, and others identified in Nigeria, Uganda and Angola. ”

“This analysis also showed a modest reduction in the neutralizing titers against the Delta (2.1 times), Gamma (P.1, 3.2 times), Kappa (3.3-3.4 times) and Eta (4.2 times) variants in relation to the ancestral strain, “the company said.

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It is worth noting that to carry out this research, serum samples from eight volunteers obtained one week after the “second dose in the first phase of the clinical trial of their anticovid vaccine” were used.

However, the study still needs to be certified after a academic peer review. For this reason, it was recently submitted to the scientific journal ‘BioRxiv’ for the respective evaluation.

Moderna’s vaccine against covid-19.

According to ‘EFE’, Stephane bancel, CEO of Moderna, said that the results of the study are encouraging and that the vaccination process should continue in all countries of the world.

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“These findings underscore the importance of continuing to vaccinate populations with a primary series of effective vaccines. As we seek to defeat the pandemic, it is imperative that we be proactive with the evolution of the virus. We remain committed to studying emerging variants, generating data, and sharing it as it becomes available.”.


* With information from EFE

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