Zion’s daughter posted a photo of her father and made everyone fall in love

for many years, Isadora Fikiurova She has become one of the most popular young women in the Latin world. Not only is this with the daughter’s son சாயன்னே He has shown great gifts for music. On his social networks he shares various moments with his family and friends, which attracts his followers from all over the continent. This time he was no exception from creating a post with his friends.

On his official account a few hours ago Instagram, Daughter of the singer of the song “Toro”, Has shared a series of pictures to mark the anniversary of his father’s life. Yesterday, June 28, the Puerto Rican artist turned 53 years old. However, a first was an eye-catching one சாயன்னே Absolutely young. In addition to this publication he added the following message: “Fafiiiiiii! Happy Birthday !! Thanks for teaching us how to live, a gift every day. We love you xx # 53yearsyoung”.


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